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Joohyun Pyune

About the Artist

Joohyun Pyune is working as an artist specializing in large format dye sublimation printing on fabrics and currently teach at Essex County College in Newark. Having studied traditional techniques such, as painting, Print making and textile design, she now works truly in mixed media.

Ms. Pyune combines these traditional techniques associated with fine art in a digital environment. Using heat transfer digital images on layered fabrics, Ms. Pyune creates ephemeral, dreamlike images which are extremely evocative and find their entrance in both the Fine Art context and for commercial applications.

Joohyun Pyune has a Master of Fine Arts Degree from William Paterson University in Mixed Media. She also holds an undergraduate degree in textile design from the Ehwa Woman's University in Seoul, Korea and has studied at the Academy of Florence in Italy and the Pasadena Art Center in California.

Her work was exhibited at Siggraph numerous times and did more than 30 gallery shows for last 7 years. 

Joohyun Pyune received award from Cambridge Art Association, Women in Textile Art in Florida, Watchung Art Center in NJ, Andre Schullenberg Gallery for best dye-sublimation art work.

Artist Statement

My works is about encompassing general human emotions multiple layered in all of us, such as agony, rancor and grief.

In dealing with these hidden sides of human feelings, I try to capture the concept of solitude, pain, and marginality and present them as not merely unfortunate individual problems of the present or the past, but the conditions of our existence. I have come to the point of understanding Jean Sartre’s Existentialism and yes, I agree with Sartre that Sysiphus is happy.

After all, we each actively shape our lives, even contributing to some of the burdens we carry, like the boulder that Sysiphus keeps pushing uphill.

By submerging deeper, beyond the emotions of the heart, I come into contact with an inexplicable feeling of melancholy and my works quietly speak out for me. I find comfort in nature, and images of nature represent my feeling of melancholy toward the ambivalence of absurd and joy of our lives. The melancholic beauty of our nature is a major theme in my works and I am thrilled that my medium is perfect to visualize the ambiguity of life experience.


2002 William Paterson University: MFA in Mixed Media 

1997 Pasadena Art Center, Computer Graphic

1998 Academy of Florence, Oil Painting

1996 FIDM of California, Visual Art

1983 Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul Korea: BA in Textile Design


Founder of iArt Institute

2019 since 2004 Essex county college, ADJ faculty, computer graphic

2019 since 2013 Score Rater of AP Studio Art for College Board

2007 School of Visual Art, NY/ Summer special program

2005 Vice President of NJ, US Korean Professional Artist Group

2004 William Paterson University. ADJ faculty, computer graphic

2004 School of Art and I, Cresskill, NJ, Mixed Media

2004 US Korean Professional Artist Group, Invited Artist

2001 Member of ArtLab Studio, NJ


2016  Handbook of Research on Maximizing Cognitive Learning through Knowledge Visualization. 

Chapter 16 : Creativity of Asian and Asian American Students

2004, 08 Seoul LA Cable Television, “Transformed Artist”

2005, 02 Jersey City Museum Slide night, Mythical theme

Awards and Exhibition

2019, 06 Cashama World Trade Center

2017, 05 Brass Works Gallery Montclair

2005, 07 Siggraph, Art Gallery
2006, 07 International Entertainment
2006, 06 D-Art 2006
2006, 05 2 X 13 Gllery, Chealsea NY
2005, 05 CGIV International Conference Computer Graphic/ London
2005, 04 The Arts Guild of Rahway, NJ/ The Assembled Image
2005, 05 Korean Gallery, NJ, Print making group exhibition
2005, 05 Korea Cultural and Art festival, Invited Artist special exhibition, Washington 
2004, 11 New Century Artist, Member group exhibition, NY
2004 11 Women in Textile Art Organization, Biennail 2004, Florida
2004, 07 Woman Made Gallery, Annual member’s show, Chicago
2004, 06 Woman Made Gallery, Art by Asian Woman, Chicago
2004, 05 Woman Made Gallery, Spatially Inspired, Chicago
2004, 08 Siggraph, Art gallery, LA
2004, 05 Cambridge Art Association, Honorable Mention prize, Boston
2004, 02 New Century Artist, Member group exhibition, NY
2003, 10 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery group exhibition: Energy of the Matrix, NY
2003, 08 Art Institute and gallery, 12th Annual National Exhibition, Chicago
2003, 05 City Without Walls, Reach out Exhibition, NJ
2003, 04 Studio Montclair 6th Annual juried exhibition , NJ
2003, 03 D-Art 2003, England Virtual Exhibition, Lodon
2003, 05 Siggraph Art gallery, CA 
2003, 01 Post Picasso, Virtual exhibition: Altered Reality
2002, 11 City without walls 21st Metro show , NJ
2002, 11 Watchung Art center Photography annual show, NJ
2002, 02 Power Art Gallery E- touch Exhibition with Joan Truckenbrod and 
Leslie Farber, NJ
2002, 05 Power Art Gallery thesis show, NJ
2002, 05 Andre Schullenberg Gallery The best work in Dye-Sublimation 
2001, 05 William Paterson Univ. Awarded the best work in the show from the 
Student annual exhibition, NJ
2000, 05 William Paterson Univ. Awarded the work of excellence in Mixed Media 
from The student annual exhibition, NJ
1999, 06 Siggraph in Poster design, CA

Work Experience

Trade Show: 3M, Dye Into Print Inc., Specialty toner Inc., Rhingo Inc., Living Colors, 
Intrigue Inc., Appro Inc., Fortlee Medical Group

Edward Medical Group: Marketing and advertising, 1989-1998

Love Design: Designing T-Shirt, 1989-1988

Korea Business and Intelligence Institute: Director of Advertising, 1984-1986

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